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Our History

Tour the Historic and Interesting World of Havre Beneath The Streets

120 3rd Ave, Havre, Montana 59501

recreation of the old barber shop

A tour you'll remember

See the history of the Great West come alive Beneath the Streets of Havre. See firsthand the commerce of early days on the wild and wooly frontier. Tour the Sporting Eagle, Wah Sing Laundry, Shorty Young's Office, Gourley Bothers Bakery and more.

The humble beginnings

Havre Beneath the Streets (Historical Underground Tour) is a recreation of Havre's history. When fire destroyed most of Havre, business owners moved underground to carry on their business until the town could be rebuilt.

The Old Saloon
Recreation of the old Butcher Counter

What they're saying

Definitely worth a visit. The tour shows what city life was like underground after a fire destroyed the town above ground. Each business display gives a realistic look at what city business life was like during these times.

Steve H

About the tour

The flourishing business community in Havre got its start in the community's early days. Many of the businesses were located in what we, today, might call an underground mall. We invite you to step back in time with us, as much as 100 years ago, into the Sporting Eagle Saloon, a turn-of-the-century honky-tonk where cowboys gambled, kicked up their heels and drank some good old-fashioned frontier rot-gut.

Join us as we saunter along the streets beneath Havre and see an opium den (one of three known to have existed in the early days), Chinese laundry, an ethnic restaurant, and of course, a bordello. See all of this and more and hear why the underground exists on the "Havre Beneath the Streets" historical tour.

Admission Rates:
Adult - $17
Kid 6-12yo - $9
5 and under - Free
Groups 15+ - $13

School Tours Rates Available

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120 3rd Ave, Havre, Montana 59501

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120 3rd Ave, Havre, Montana 59501

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